The customer support that you can receive from your cloud hosting company is really important, regardless of whether you have pre-sales questions and you're not a client yet, or you have a technical trouble with an existing account. Timely and accurate info regarding a question or a problem can save you lots of time and efforts, not mentioning that this is usually a sign that you're ordering from a genuine web hosting provider and not from a reseller. If you obtain a hosting account from a company that doesn't own its servers and it cannot access them right away, it is quite possible that you will wait for a few days so as to have a response to any query, thus your websites may stay offline for quite a while. In contrast, a supplier which offers various options for communication and has a support staff that is available all the time can assist you right away and help you reduce or fully avoid any downtime and possible losses.

24/7 Customer Support in Cloud Hosting

All of our cloud hosting feature 24/7/365 pre-sales, customer and tech support, so regardless if you are inquiring for our solutions well before you make an order or you are a current customer and you have a question or a difficulty, you will be able to contact us anytime, which includes weekends and holidays. We have many channels to get in touch with us - several phone lines worldwide for your convenience as well as live chat support for billing, pre-sales and general questions; e-mail messages as well as support tickets for more complex matters or any matters which require more time to investigate and fix. In contrast to various other web hosting suppliers, our trouble tickets have a guaranteed maximum response time of only 1 hour, so no matter what your issue is, it will be resolved timely and you won't waste days to have something fixed.

24/7 Customer Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

All semi-dedicated servers that we provide include 24/7 customer and tech support, which means that whatever the issue you experience, you will be able to get in touch with us and we will give you a hand straight away. Our guaranteed answer time for any e-mail message or ticket that you open via your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel is just one hour; usually the reply time hardly ever is more than twenty minutes. We also provide telephone support with multiple local numbers globally and a live chat, so you'll be able to get in touch with us and find more information about our solutions even if you do not have an account yet. We're able to help you with nearly any question or a problem you may have - payment methods, package features, email setup, hosting account settings, etcetera. If you employ our services, you will never have an issue where you have to wait for a couple of days to get a problem resolved like you will need to do with many other suppliers.

24/7 Customer Support in Dedicated Servers

With a one-hour max answer time warranty, you will receive timely support when you order a dedicated server from our company. Our customer and tech support crews are accessible 24/7/365, so when you open a support ticket via your billing account or you send an e-mail message about any kind of problem with the server or the pre-installed software on it whatever the time of the day, you will get an answer within 1 hour, even during holidays. Our ticketing system is the more suitable option in case the matter involved requires more time to be resolved or in case it should be forwarded to our administrators, since it's a lot easier to monitor the communication sent on both sides. For general, sales and billing issues/inquiries, you will be able to call us or talk to a live representative through our chat service. If you include the Managed Services upgrade to your server plan, our admins will also help you with third-party software installation as well as troubleshooting and similarly to the standard support, this service is available 24/7 as well.